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Korg Volca Keys analogna synth mašina

1,059.00 kn

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Analogna synth mašina + loop sekvencer! Polifonijski analogni synthesizer s 3 x samonaštimavajućih oscilatora, ugrađenim delay efektom, Unison načinom rada, Ring modulacijom, MIDI ulazom i Sync I/O.


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Cijena za gotovinu: 1.059,00 kn

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An Incredible Price for a Powerful Analog Polysynth
Korg’s Volca Keys analog synthesizer is a must-have for any fan of synths, packing huge analog tone and a surprisingly flexible interface into an ultra-affordable and portable package. This 3-note synth has self-tuning analog oscillators for stable pitch, and lets you stack notes to form chord stabs or combine them in unison for huge lead lines. Factor in the fat-sounding filter, delay effect, and a built-in arpeggiator, and you’re well on your way to analog synth bliss. Best of all, you can store up to eight of your own patterns for recall anytime with the Korg Volca Keys.

Korg Volca Keys Analog Synthesizer at a Glance:
True analog synthesis with 3-note polyphony
Loop sequencer and Motion sequencer capture your performance
Truly portable, and easy to integrate with other gear
True analog synthesis with 3-note polyphony
Korg’s Volca Keys is quite a flexible synthesizer, despite its compact size. Its 3-voice design lets you create 3-note chords, or combine them in unison for huge lead sounds. Even better, there’s a built-in delay effect for incredibly vibrant sounds.

Loop sequencer and Motion sequencer capture your performance
Whether you’re playing the built-in ribbon controller or triggering it via an external MIDI controller, the Volca Keys is great for on-the-fly creation. Use the loop sequencer to capture your idea, then use the Motion sequencer to record your knob-turning in realtime. You can easily twist one simple sequence into something entirely new, just one sure sign of a great synthesizer.

Truly portable, and easy to integrate with other gear
With its compact size and optional AC or battery power, the Korg Volca Keys is truly a go-anywhere analog synthesizer. Best of all, it’s got the right connections to interface with any of your gear. It’s got a MIDI input so you can control it via any MIDI sequencer, and it even has Sync I/O so it can play in time with Korg’s Monotribe and Monotron analog synthesizers. Or simply create whatever synth sounds you like, then sample them for sequencing elsewhere.

Korg Volca Keys Analog Synthesizer Features:
Portable analog synthesizer with 3-voice design
Voices can be stacked as chords, or combined in unison
Record your own loops and phrases, then capture your knob-tweaking with the Motion sequencer
Sync In/Out makes it easy to play in time with Monotribe or other Volca machines
Control via the onboard ribbon or via MIDI input
Save your own patterns for later recall
Can sync to MIDI Clock from your DAW or external sequencer